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Find what almost  all dart frogs names are, from over 3 dart frog families. There are pictures for every frog. Click the name of the frog to be taken to a different web site with pictures>

update Sep.22nd2003

Dendrobates amazonicus
update Oct.8th2002

Dendrobates auratus Black & Gold
update Dec.8th2002

Dendrobates auratus Blue
update Dec.6th2002

Dendrobates auratus Bronze & Blue
update Oct.10th2002

Dendrobates auratus Bronze & Green
update Oct.5th2001

Dendrobates auratus Costa Rica
update Dec.29th2001

Dendrobates auratus Hawaii
update Mar.15th2001

Dendrobates auratus Panama
update Oct.8th2002

Dendrobates auratus Microspots
update Nov.4th2000

Dendrobates azureus
update Mar.22nd2001

Dendrobates fantasticus
update Nov.14th2003

Dendrobates fantasticus Yellow
update Apr.17th2001

Dendrobates galactonotus Orange
update Apr.17th2001

Dendrobates galactonotus Red
update Apr.17th2001

Dendrobates galactonotus
update Apr.16th2001

Dendrobates galactonotus
"Lemon Yellow&Black"
update Nov.7th2004
Dendrobates histrionicus 'Pangala'
update Apr.11th2002

Dendrobates imitator Green
update Jan.9th2002

Dendrobates imitator Red
update Apr.11th2002

Dendrobates imitator intermedius #1
update Apr.11th2002

Dendrobates imitator intermedius #2
update Nov.7th2004

Dendrobates lamasi
update Mar.8th2001

Dendrobates lehmannii
update May28th2003

Dendrobates leucomelas
update Jul.23rd2002

Dendrobates leucomelas Dotted
update Oct30th2004
Dendrobates mysteriosus
update Jun7th2002
Dendrobates pumilio Brown with Black Points
update Sep.26th1999

Dendrobates pumilio Bri Bri
update May21st2001

Dendrobates pumilio BluJean#2
update Apr.14th2001

Dendrobates pumilio "Isla Colon"

Dendrobates pumilio
update Apr.19th2001
Dendrobates quinquevittatus
update May27th2003

Dendrobates reticulatus
update Nov.2nd2002

Dendrobates sylvaticus
update Apr.30th2001
Dendrobates tinctorius Agreja
update Jun.7th2002
Dendrobates tinctorius Atachi Backa
update Feb.1st2001
Dendrobates tinctorius Blue
update Jun.7th2002
Dendrobates tinctorius Brazil
update Nov.6th2002
Dendrobates tinctorius Cayenne

Dendrobates tinctorius Citronella
update Oct.20th2004

Dendrobates tinctorius Emperor
update Mar.27th2005

Dendrobates tinctorius Kutari River
update May26th2003

Dendrobates tinctorius French Guyana
Dendrobates tinctorius White(Oyapok) update May24th2005

Dendrobates tinctorius Patricia
update Feb.2nd2001

Dendrobates tinctorius Powder Blue
update May23rd2003

Dendrobates tinctorius Regina
update Feb.1st2001
Dendrobates tinctorius Sipaliwini
update Feb.2nd2001

Dendrobates tinctorius Tablemountain
update Sep.23rd2003

Dendrobates tinctorius Weygoldt

Dendrobates tinctorius Yellow Back
Dendrobates truncatus update Sep.22nd2003
Dendrobates variabilis
update Apr.11th2005
Dendrobates vanzolinii
update Apr.15th2001
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Panguana
update Apr.11th2002
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Panguana Albino
update Mar.22nd2005
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Orange
update Feb.2nd2001
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Yellow stripe
update Apr.15th2001
Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Gold body
update Sep.26th2003

Dendrobates ventrimaculatus Duellmani

Phyllobates aurotaenia Green Stripe update Feb.2nd2001
Phyllobates aurotaenia Yellow Stripe
update Feb.19th2001
Phyllobates bicolor
update Nov.11th2000
Phyllobates lugubris
update Mar.11th2005
Phyllobates lugubris Golden Body
Phyllobates terribilis Orange
update Jun.21st2003
Phyllobates terribilis Mint
update Jun7th2002
Phyllobates terribilis Yellow
update May25th2005
Phyllobates vittatus

Epipedobates bassleri Epipedobates haneli update Apr.10th2005
Epipedobates tricolor
Epipedobates tricolor Green update Jan.8th2004
Epipedobates tricolor Highland White
Epipedobates trivittatusGreen#1
Epipedobates trivittatusGreen#2
Epipedobates trivittatus Orange

Minyobates fulguritus

Colosthetus species

from this section are not Dendrobatidae
Mantella aurantiaca update Feb.5th2002
Mantella aurantiacaBlackEars
Mantella betsileo
Mantella crocea Mantella expectata update Feb.5th2002
Mantella madagascariensis
update Aug.18th2001
Mantella virides

some of below are still described in Japanese. Now translating.
A to B
Afrixalus fornasinii update Jun.27th2003
Red Eyes Tree Frog
Agalychnis callydryas
Red Eyes Tree Frog Honduras Orange Eyes
Agalychnis callidryas
update Mar.26th2003
Bombina orientalis
update Jun23rd2002
Bracytarsophrys carinensis
update Jan.9th2002
Breviceps adspersus
Bufo coccifier update May11th2001
Bufo debilis
update Jun5th2002
Bufo gargarizans miyakonis
update May8th2002
Bufo garmanii
update Aug.1st2002
Bufo granulosus
update Apr.4th2003
Bufo marinus

Bufo melanostictus
Bufo punctatus
update Oct.4th2002
Bufo quercicus
update May28th2002
Bufo species
Bufo viridis update Mya8th2002
Bufo viridis
C to G
Ceratophrys caranwelii update Jun23rd2002
Ceratophrys cornuta
update May15th2001
Ceratophrys Hybrid Albino
update Nov.4th2001
Ceratophrys Hybrid
update Jul14th2002
Ceratophrys Hybrid Limegreen Albino
update Dec.11th2001
Ceratophrys Hybrid Pepper Mint
Ceratophrys ornata update Oct.19th2001
Sleeping Ceratophrys
update Dec.5th2002
Chachophrys pierroti
update Sep.20th2002
Chirixalus eiffingeri
Chiromantis xerampelina Jul.20th2003 update
Dyscophus guineti
update May15th2001
Eleutherodactylus species
Gastrophryne carolinensis update Aug.29th2001
Glyphoglossus molossus
H to K
Heterixalus betsileo Heterixalus rutenbergian update Mar.22nd2001
Hyla cienerea
Hyla ebracata
update Sep.27th"00
Hyla eximia
Hyla gratiosa update May21st2002
Hyla leucophyllata
Hyla species
update Jun23rd2002
Kaloula pulchra
Hyperolius taeninatus Kassina maculata
L to O
Leptopelis mossambicus update Nov.21st2001
Leptopelis vermiculatus
update Jul22nd2002
Litria aurea
Litria ccaerulea
update Oct.19th"00
Litria gracilenta
Mantiductilus flavobrunneus update Jan.17th2004
Mantiductylus pulcher
update Nov.3rd2001
Mantiductylus species
Megophrys nasuta Melanophryniscus sterzneri Osteopilus septentrionalis update Jan.17th2002
Melanophryniscus species
P to Z
Pachymedusa dacnicolor update Nov.11th2002
Phyllomedusa hypocondrialis
update Oct.19th"00
Phrynophas resinifictrix
update Jul.19th2001
Phyllomedusa sauvagei
update Jun24th2002
Pipa pipa
Polypedates megacephalus update Jan.18th2003
Pyxicephalus adspersus
update Jun.12th2001
Pyxicephalus edulis
Rana signata update Jul26th2002
Rhacophorus viridis var.viridis
update Feb.24th2003
Scaphophryne gottebei
Scaphiopus couchi
Scaphyophryne mormolata Scaphiophryne pustulosa Schismaderma carens Smilisca phaeota
update Jan.27th2003
Tremolo Sand Frog
Tomopterna cryptolis
Tompterna species updateNov.14th2003
Trachycephalus jordoni

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