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Part of having a vivarium is having plants, below is a step by step introduction into to adding plant life>

~~~~~~~~     Lets start by adding the proper soil over the false bottom. Regular soil can be a usually is harmfull to dart frogs. So by purchasing the following at Home Depot (or Lowes), mix the elements listed to make your plant substrate> 2 parts fine fir bark,2 parts fine tree fern fiber,2 parts milled sphagnum moss ,1 part fine charcoal ,1 part peat moss. Lay the substrate down 2-3 inches over the false bottom. Let the substrate sit for about 1-3 hours and if you have plants on hand, your ready to add. Your first plant should not be hard to upkeep. Cissus plants are probably the best choice for a first timer. Try to take off as much old soil from the root to insure the safety of the frogs. Continue adding plants as much as you like, but remember to clip them once a week to make sure they don't over grow. When attempting to put vines in the tank, you should use a artifical vine (these can be purchased at most pet stores, check the price list) as a starting point for the vine. I would recommend clipping any vine twice a week due to the rapid growth rate of the vine. Water 1-2 times a day, and remember, wait atleast 1 week after putting plants in to put frogs in aswell.~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This vivarium has very nice plants.

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