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Water Temperature and Filtration
You really will never have your vivarium "completed", considering plants can die as do frogs, obviously which will be replaced, but throughout the time you have it keeping it healthy is crucial. Lets start by the water. The filter cartridge should be replaced every several weeks or so to keep the water healthy. Aswell as the fact that the filter cartridges do not necassarilly need chemical or biological filtration.
Tank Temperature
 The humidity should never go below 90%, or above 150%. The tank temperature itself should never reach below 65 degrees, or above 95 degrees. Remember to keep the room temperature as close to the tank temperature as possible to avoid fogging. I would say the tank temperature and room temperature should not be more than 10-15 degrees apart.
Feeding your vivariums animals is something that should not be overlooked. Frogs should be fed insects 1-2 times a week, and even if your plants produce food for your frog, I would recommend still feeding the frogs insects so there diet isn't solely based on plants. Plants should be water atleast once a day.
Keeping a clean tank is crucial to having a good vivarium. Simple washes and water changes should be done atleast once every month or so,that includes substrates. Clean outs, including the plants and frogs should be done every 6-8 months depending on tank size. Keep in mind, that water changes are not necessary if there is and underwater filter already running. However, don't forget to change filter cartridges once every month.

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