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How to Make the Vivarium Rain

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How to Make the Vivarium Rain
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Making your vivarium rain is rather simple. Start out with a tubing about quadruple the length of your tank. Begin by taking the tubing and a pin and pincing wholes in a straight line on about 3/4 of the tube. Like so >


Then, close the end of the tube with electrical tape. Then begin to wrap the tubing around the inside of the top of the tank, attaching it with hot glue like so>>>


When that's done, take a regular sized 10 gallon or so bucket and place a powerhead in it. Take one side of the tube and attach it to the powerhead. Fill the bucket with water and turn the tank on, the water will flow into the wholes of the tubes making a rain affect, this is great to boost up humidity levels. Heres a picture of what the bucket should be like>>>


This type of rain machine should be used periodically, and not for long intervals(less than a minute). If used for too long, the tank will eventually flood.
However, you can hook up a pump in the false bottom to the bucket, making water circulation possible.

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