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Before all, you should have the supplies for your vivarium. Here is a list of all supplies needed to have a succesful vivarium and where they can be purchased. (The items are not in order)>

Vivarium Supplies List


Highlighted in red = purchased at aquarium adventure

Highlighted in Blue= Purchased at any local pet store

Highlighted in Green= Purchased at

Highlighted in Orange= Purchased at Home Depot


Tank (38 gallon, 36lx12wx20h) 65.99

Cover, 28.00



Egg crate (false bottom) 10.00




Submersible Filter   15.00




6, 2-inch PVC cut outs   .50 each




Tank tubing for filter   




      2 Coco Bedding Brick packages (6 all together, $4.39 a piece)


      Water fall (W/O the pump included) 30.00


      Silicone Glue  (* MAKE SURE IT IS AQUATIC SAFE *) 3.00


      Non-aquatic tank temperature taker   4.00


      Tank humidity taker   4.00


    Plants (* Make sure not full aquatic*) 1.00- 10.00


    Background (Make sure tropical and at least 36 inches in length and 20 inches high)


   2 Filter Pads (To make sure substrate does not fall through false bottom) 4.00 each



Non- necessary items that should be purchased after completion>



Coco hut   3.00


10 gallon bucket and power head (For the rain machine) 30.00 (with everything)


Fogger machine    30.00


Planters 10.00


Cliff 7.00

Bark wood Background    30.00


* Keep In Mind *
The frogs, vivariums, and facts for the most part are not mine, and can be found vivarium/evivariu.htm .